Action Alert – Protect the Dreamers

We must turn our attention now to funding the government and holding Democrats to their promise to include the DREAM Act in the funding bill.

Congress must act on funding the budget by Dec. 8th – This Friday! Democrats have promised for three months that they will use their leverage on the December spending bill to get the DREAM Act done. Now it’s time for them to deliver.

We must tell our member of congress to be dream heroes and take Indivisible’s pledge to protect dreamers! The pledge is that they will only vote for a continuing resolution if it includes the Dream Act.

There are 8,010 DACA recipients in Wisconsin alone, and each year they contribute $17,825,000 in state and local taxes. Use this link for a script specifically to contact Wisconsin MoCs.

Tell your friends to demand that their members of congress take the pledge. At, they’ll find info about their own states and phone scripts to contact their MoCs. The time to act is now!