Don’t Pull UNFPA Funding

by Maya Williamson Shaffer

I’m writing to oppose the Trump administration’s decision to end funding for the United Nations Fund for Population Activities, which provides essential health services to women worldwide. To end funding is to rob them of basic human rights.

Sexual and reproductive health problems are a leading cause of death and disability for women in developing countries. This lost funding could prevent the deaths of 77,000 children and improve the lives of countless women. UN officials have warned that large funding cuts to organizations like UNFPA could trigger global instability and hinder our fight on issues like terrorism. Finally, no matter your opinion on abortion, funding for UNFPA should not be cut because of it. For good or ill, abortion is a right of women in the United States, as established 44 years ago in Roe vs Wade.

As a fifteen-year-old girl, I believe that women worldwide deserve the same basic rights as women like me in the United States. To strip them of a right that we enjoy would not only be hypocrisy, but would contradict the very ideals of our country. Ending funding to the UNFPA is more than irresponsible and immoral.

It is un-American.