Trump Leaves Our Democracy Undefended

By Paul Martorell

It should be a national security priority to protect our nation’s elections and institutions from hostile foreign attacks. However, how can we defend our democracy if the commander in chief doesn’t take these threats seriously?  
Despite the consensus of all US intelligence agencies, Trump continues to dispute whether Vladimir Putin and Russia are responsible for the 2016 cyber intrusion. When a reporter asked Sean Spicer if President Trump believes that Russia interfered in the 2016 election, Spicer said he had not even asked Trump.  
Earlier in June, former FBI Director Comey testified that (despite the number of times Trump tried to meet with him) he could not recall a single instance of Trump asking him how to best defend the nation’s electoral infrastructure. It’s alarming how little the Trump administration is doing to protect our democracy and sovereignty.
The schemes that Russia deployed (hacking communications, spreading social media disinformation and even penetrating voter registration files) threaten elections in 2018 and beyond. President Trump is betraying his oath of office to protect the nation. And Republicans are letting him get away with it.